What is Shy Bladder Syndrome

Shy Bladder Syndrome or Pee Shyness is basically the inability to urinate whenever there is anyone around for fear of being watched,seen or heard doing so,it mainly affects men but can affect women too,it is a fairly minor affliction but can be acutely embarrassing if you are suffering from it,the medical terminology for shy bladder syndrome is paruresis,it is thought that a least 2 out of 10 people will suffer from shy bladder syndrome or paruresis at some stage of their lives.


What Causes Shy Bladder Syndrome

The exact cause of Shy Bladder Syndrome is unknown but it can become prevalent through a number of factors such as for example,culture,most people are brought up in the belief that going to the toilet should be an extremely private affair,therefore attempting to urinate beside someone else can create a mental block and prevent you from being able to do so,in men,self confidence can also be an issue,penis size is something a lot of men can worry about,ie theirs being smaller than everyone elses and the thought of getting it out to urinate with other men in the viscinity is enough to create nervousness and allow pee shyness to develop and thus prevent successful urination.

How to Cure Shy Bladder Syndrome

Unfortunately there is no definitive cure for Shy Bladder Syndrome but there are a lot of things you can do to relieve shy bladder syndrome,firstly,when using a public toilet go over and wash your hands,the benefits of doing this firstly as well as afterwards is that the sound of the running water will increase your necessity to pee and also increase the likelihood of you being able to do so,then pick a urinal or toilet stall the furthest away from anyone else if you can,this will help relieve some of the pressure associated with shy bladder syndrome,when you are ready to pee try to put yourself in a zone or mindset where you feel completely relaxed and nobody else matters,dont concentrate too hard on peeing as this can have a negative effect but try closing your eyes and imagining a running tap and the sound the water makes,think about the running water when you washed your hands a few moments ago,this should definitely help,if you are in a toilet stall try flushing the toilet and listen to the sound of the cistern refilling,if you concentrate on this and not the sounds around you should hopefully find that peeing wont be a problem and if you do this everytime you should find that the symptons of shy bladder syndrome should diminish over time and paruresis will be a thing of the past.

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